Call for Expressions of interest for submissions for an open-access pressbook publication: Cultivating Sanctuaries of Surrealism (eds Ivan Levant, KA Laity, Dr Gerhard Hoffstaedter)!

We are seeking contributions from surrealists on methods, tools, practices, rituals, examples, histories, poetries, spells, games, incantations, and dreams in a variety of contexts and geographies on how to evoke, bring forth, create conditions for, notice, unfurl, unravel, discover, create, propagate, let run rampant the domain of the marvellous. We are not interested in holding Surrealism behind glass in art galleries, rather we’re interested in the insurgent potential of letting the movement overgrow shopping malls of collective imagery, seed ecosystems in the concrete cracks of urban dead-zones, and birth worlds yet unknown. We are seeking out contributions to living and breathing surreality.

Email: dream (at)

Image credit: Karina White, 2023.

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